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  • Vintage Turquoise Choker
  • Mother Of Pearl Choker
  • Skyfall Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Women's Silver Snake Bangle
  • Women's Beaded Bracelet with Botswana Agate
  • Women's Wristband with Labradorite, Pearl, Ruby and Garnet
  • Women's Beaded Bracelet with Howlite, Rose Quartz and Sapphire
  • Black Leather Choker with Shark Tooth Charm
  • Women's Gold Snake Bangle
  • Skyfall Gold Stud Bangle
  • White Leather Choker with Evil Eye Charm
  • White Leather Choker with Hamsa Hand Charm
  • Black Leather Choker with Evil Eye Charm
  • Women's Beaded Bracelet with Ruby, Amethyst Lavender, Pearls and Labradorite
  • Women's Wristband with Black Agate and Sapphire
  • Women's Wristband with Cherry Quartz, Amethyst and Aquamarine
  • Evil Eye Pearl Ring
  • Women's Panther Bangle in Silver
  • SALE
    Wrap Bracelet With Silver Cairo Bead
  • SALE
    CZ Diamonds With White Pearls

    CZ Diamonds With White Pearls

    $222 USD
    $370 USD
  • Panther Ring in Gold
  • Skyfall Evil Eye Bracelet
  • SALE
    Skyfall Gold Bar Necklace With Cz Diamonds
  • Skyfall Gold Wishbone Necklace
  • Hamsa Hand Ring
  • Enchanting Evil Eye Ring
  • Cross Over Ring in Gold
  • Cross Over Ring in Silver
  • Women's Panther Bangle in Gold
  • SALE
    Women's Beaded Bracelet with Amethyst Lavender, Rose Quartz and Cherry Quartz

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