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  • Signature Lock, 92,5 Sterling Silver, Black Ruthenium Plated

  • Logo Ball, 92,5 Sterling Silver, Black Ruthenium Plated, 7 mm

  • Logo Ball, 92,5 Sterling Silver, Black Ruthenium Plated, 10 mm

  • Matte Onyx (Faceted), 10 mm

  • Agate Skull, 10 mm

  • White CZ, Silver Base, Black Ruthenium Plated, 10 mm

  • Product Code: MCZ10ST_071


Ruthenium (10mm & 7mm): Wealth - Power - Respect Matte Onyx (10mm): Objectiveness - Spirituality - Meditation Agate (10mm): Wisdom - Confidence - Prosperity



 Healing Powers


This stone helps to change bad habits and is a great grounding stone. It inspires objective thinking and spirituality while helping one be in control of emotions and passions. Onyx helps eliminate negative thinking and stress and is good for meditation and positive dreams. 


Ruthenium has a unique appearance and an unmistakably unique look. It is as elegant as gold and as intriguing as platinum, with a smoky grey shine that adds a new note to the look of Nialaya’s jewelry designs.


Like gold, silver symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It increases the power of most stones, while activating them to their greatest potential, especially turquoise and coral. It is the metal of emotions, the psychic mind, and of loving and healing. 


Agate is one of the most powerful protective stones. Agate brings and intensifies wisdom, confidence and prosperity. It tranquilizes the mind and body while helping to recognize the truth and giving one the strength to carry on. It also fosters love, abundance, good luck, longevity, creativity, courage, compatibility, harmony, generosity, and security.


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