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CZ Diamonds With Amethyst And Aquamarine

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  • Signature Lock 925 Solid Silver

  • Logo Ball 925 Solid Silver 7 mm

  • Silver Bead Hollow 10 mm

  • Pink CZ Silver Base 10 mm

  • Product Code: WCZ10_047


Sapphire (10mm): Wisdom - Concentration - Dreams

Amethyst (10mm): Health - Beauty – Clarity

 Amethyst Lavender (10mm): Health - Beauty - Clarity

Aquamarine (10mm): Courage - Balance – Peace




Healing Powers


Aquamarine is a stone of courage. It is used to soothe, calm and alleviate fears and phobias. It calms the nerves, balances the emotional, mental and physical bodies, while helping awareness and bringing peace. It combats depression, while releasing anxiety and restlessness. It also accentuates confidence and self-awareness.


Amethyst boosts production of hormones, calms nervous system and helps with insomnia. It improves hearing, digestive tract, and helps heart function. This stone treats headaches, hearing disorders, helps posture, and improves skeletal system. It helps with stomach, skin and teeth problems. It is known as the elixir in the treatment of arthritis.


Like gold, silver symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It increases the power of most stones, while activating them to their greatest potential, especially turquoise and coral. It is the metal of emotions, the psychic mind, and of loving and healing.


Known as the "wisdom stone", it releases mental tension, depression and unwanted thoughts. It stimulates concentration, brings peace of mind; also known as the "stone of prosperity", attracting gifts, dreams and desires.






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