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White CZ Diamond With Gold Hollow And Larimar

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  • Signature Lock 925 Solid Silver 18K Gold Plating

  • Logo Ball 925 Solid Silver 18K Gold Plating 7 mm

  • White CZ 18K Gold Plated Base 8 mm

  • Product Code: WCZ8_036

Coral Blue (8mm): Antidepressant - Intuition - Self-esteem

Larimar (8mm): Courage - Strength - De-stress 

Gold (8mm): Purity - integrity - Will Power




Healing Powers


Gold is an all purpose healer; stabilizes, purifies and balances; speaks of abundance and well-being. It supports openness and integrity while building confidence in the wearer. It can also assist in overcoming paralysis and fear by allowing one to keep up through harsh circumstances. It evokes strength, and will power; can help overcome depressive tendencies.


Like gold, silver symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It increases the power of most stones, while activating them to their greatest potential, especially turquoise and coral. It is the metal of emotions, the psychic mind, and of loving and healing.


Coral holds memories of the sea, so it helps to navigate one through the transformational emotional waters of life, becoming the emotional foundation. It is good for treating anemia, bladder troubles, and whooping cough. It also has a positive affect on circulation, heart, fertility, muscles, reproductive system, thyroid, metabolism, spine, bone and tissue regeneration.


Cools tempers and calms fears, relieves stress and nurtures the physical and emotional bodies. It is powerful in meditation and in connecting to the Divine Feminine, and is particularly helpful in releasing emotional bonds, patterns or principles that no longer serve the highest good. A stone of clear communication, it provides the strength and courage needed to speak openly from the heart. Singers may also find Larimar a wonderful talisman for enhancing and protecting the voice.  Larimar is an excellent stone for finding a soulmate. It facilitates the healing of unresolved issues or fears, trauma to the heart, or past-life relationships.




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