• Women's 14K Gold Collection With Amethyst And Blue Sapphire Diamonds - Nialaya Jewelry
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  • Women's 14K Gold Collection With Amethyst And Blue Sapphire Diamonds - Nialaya Jewelry
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Women's 14K Gold Collection With Amethyst And Blue Sapphire Diamonds

$4,450 USD

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  • 14K Gold 7mm Logo Ball

  • 14K Gold Signature Lock

  • Cherry Quartz Faceted 10mm

  • Rose Quartz 10mm

  • Amethyst Faceted 10mm

  • Opal 10mm

  • 14K Gold Hollow 10mm

  • 14K Gold Ball With Blue Sapphire Diamonds 10mm

  • Product Code: W14K_002


Gold is an all purpose healer; stabilizes, purifies and balances; speaks of abundance and well-being. It supports openness and integrity while building confidence in the wearer. It can also assist in overcoming paralysis and fear by allowing one to keep up through harsh circumstances. It evokes strength, and will power; can help overcome depressive tendencies.


Diamond is a stone of clarity, commitment and communication that enhances prosperity, love and spirituality while focusing on personal purpose. This precious stone is believed to enhance relationships, while increasing the inner strength and providing balance, clarity and abundance. It gives one courage to look within without illusion.


This stone will soothe erratic emotions and enhance personal courage. This is the stone of harmony, a gift in balancing all levels of being. It enhances your ability to communicate what is in one’s heart and also helps to overcome harmful things that one may cause for themselves.

Rose Quartz

Known as the "Stone of Love", Rose Quartz represents unconditional love, which corresponds with the vibration of the harmonious, universal love felt with pink; removes negative energy, replacing it with loving vibrations.


Amethyst boosts production of hormones, calms nervous system and helps with insomnia. It improves hearing, digestive tract, and helps heart function. This stone treats headaches, hearing disorders, helps posture, and improves skeletal system. It helps with stomach, skin and teeth problems. It is known as the elixir in the treatment of arthritis. 

Cherry Quartz

Known as the "Stone of Love". Cherry Quartz soothes, comforts and reassures, bringing about deep inner healing. It gently removes negativity and attracts the energy of love while bringing peace and calm to relationships.


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