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Designed and handcrafted in our Los Angeles studio behind our Melrose flagship store, our bold beaded bracelets are what Nialaya is known for. Combining precious-and-semi-precious natural healing crystal stones like Blue Lapis, Bali Turquoise, Brown Tiger Eye, Onyx, Rose Quartz, Amethyst and more with high-quality CZ diamonds, silver and 18k gold finished beads for spiritual healing crystal bracelets with a luxurious touch. Executed with meticulous attention to detail using high-quality materials, a Nialaya beaded bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry that carries unique healing powers.

We stay true to authentic jewelry-crafting, using macramé braiding to combine our stones – a method originating from the 13th century. Due to the stones being natural, each and every beaded bracelet is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. No texture, color or bead size is exactly the same.

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Our beaded bracelets can be worn as standalone statements or layered as a stack. Our smaller bead bracelets are the ultimate stacking pieces – mix and match 3-4 of them on one wrist. For an instant stacked look, we have the Wrap-Around Beaded Bracelets that are designed to wrap around your wrist two or three times.
As seen in the video above, Nialaya CEO and Designer, Jannik Olander wears a combination of different color, size, and texture stones – creating a unique and personal look. He mixes healing crystal gemstones like Green Jade, Blue Lapis, Matte Onyx and Brown Tiger Eye with silver and a couple leather pieces.

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Jannik Olander collects inspiration for his healing crystal bracelet designs on his travels around the world as well as around his hometown, Los Angeles. The Californian nature, climate, and lifestyle strongly inspire Jannik and that can be noticed in a lot of Nialaya’s designs. In the video above, Jannik is taking his AC Cobra out for a spin on the Pacific Highway in Malibu - a place that he visits frequently to both clear his mind and to get inspired.

We believe in being friendly to the environment by sourcing most of our healing crystals from local vendors, and handcraft the bracelets in our Los Angeles studio. We don’t mass-produce or keep stock, but only make enough bracelets to fulfill orders and display our flagship store. Any damaged beaded bracelets are never thrown away, but we re-use and re-make the parts to create new beaded bracelets- we don't let anything go to waste. We strongly believe in being sustainable and as eco-friendly as we can be.

share this blog post and take 15% off your next Nialaya order with code MALIBU15
June 12, 2019 by jannik olander


Nialaya CEO and Founder Jannik Olander collects inspiration for his designs
on his travels around the world. He brings his ideas with him back to
Los Angeles where he designs and makes the pieces by hand in our
production studio that's located right behind the store on Melrose.

Jannik started making beaded bracelets by hand in his garage in the Hollywood
Hills in 2009. He got inspired to start the brand after a trip to India where he
met a Shaman who taught him about spiritual stones and their unique
healing powers. After arriving back in LA, he purchased beads and string
and learnt how to make Nialaya's classic macrame style bracelet.
2 years later, in 2011 we opened our flagship store on Melrose.

A travel look that Jannik wore when traveling to Marbella to speak
about his success with Nialaya at an entrepreneurial fair in front of
300 aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Jannik's first Los Angeles home was located on Appian Way in the
Hollywood Hills. Once in a while he goes back to remind himself how far
he has come and to enjoy the stunning views.

On casual office days, Jannik likes to wear beads mixed with leather.
He mixes a lot of different textures to create a unique and distinctive look.

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March 19, 2019 by jannik olander


Adding a bracelet to any look will without a doubt add a dash of personality to
your outfit. Spice up a white tee look by stacking different shapes and textures
such as our Flatbed Bracelets with Classic Round Beaded Bracelets or
a Leather Bracelet.

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Try sticking to one metal when layering. A black and silver look can become
more interesting by adding a pop of color like Blue Lapis or
Brown Tiger Eye. Check out our Beaded Bracelets here

Tone down a gold look by adding a lot of matte finishes or rugged
leather pieces. Our Dorje Flatbead Bracelet comes in a masculine
vintage gold plating that instantly gives you a distinctive touch without
being too blingy.

Shop our Dorje Flatbead Collection here

All our classic beaded bracelets carry unique healing powers. Select a stone that
has the spiritual properties that adds the right benefits for you.
Explore the healing powers of our stones here

Play around with our colorful vintage glass stones, or precious and semi precious
stones for a fun look. Shop some of our color pops below.
February 21, 2019 by jannik olander


Nialaya Founder and Designer Jannik Olander gathers most of his inspiration for
his jewelry designs on his travels around the world.
His last escape was an unforgettable trip to Brazil. From the fun, sexy
Rio to the cool Sao Paolo with an array of stunning, raw nature and amazing beaches in between..

Jannik watches the sunset in Joatinga, Brazil, wearing a Blue Tiger Eye Bead
Bracelet with Leaf Beads (coming soon) with our Elastic Flatbead Bracelet with African Green Jade, available here

"It was one of the best trips in many years. Brazil is so diverse, crazy, amazing, fun and different at the same time."
Jannik said about his 3 week get-away.

Jannik in Rio De Janeiro, wearing a Faceted Iron Pyrite Beaded Bracelet, available here, paired with a shiny Hematite Beaded Bracelet with Black CZ Diamond, available here.

"Rio is so diverse. Filled with cool shops, bars and restaurants in Leblon and I love the vibe in Ipanema. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and beaches. This city has it all, and the people are so funny, sweet and hard-working. 
There is a reason why Brazilians are the most loved people in the world."
Jannik said about his visit to the vibrant, seaside city.

Jannik in Sao Paolo, pictured on left, and in Rio pictured on right, wearing a Blue Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet with Leaf Beads (coming soon, and our Elastic Flatbead Bracelet with Blue Lapis and Black/Gold CZ Diamonds, available here
January 19, 2019 by jannik olander