Nialaya Jewelry, founded in 2009 by Danish designer Jannik Olander, is a renowned Danish-American jewelry brand based in Los Angeles, California. Our story began during Jannik's journey to a coastal city in India, where a local shaman named Nialaya inspired him to follow his dreams and prioritize purpose over profit. This profound encounter led Jannik to create a jewelry company centered on spirituality and energy healing, naming it Nialaya in honor of the shaman's life-changing guidance. 

Starting in his Hollywood Hills garage, Jannik handcrafted beaded necklaces and bracelets to embody his travels and experiences. Each piece was meticulously crafted without machinery, using precious and semi-precious stones believed to possess healing powers. These unique creations quickly garnered attention, first at a Beverly Hills boutique and soon among Hollywood celebrities.

As demand grew, Nialaya expanded globally, launching an online store and opening a flagship store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles in 2010. Our collections have since evolved to include pearls, hand-braided leather bracelets, flat bead bracelets, necklaces, rings, and much more.

Today, Nialaya is available in 25 countries and over 100 prestigious retailers, including Harrods London, Traffic Los Angeles, Solo Hong Kong, Jet Mexico as well as Farfetch, The Iconic, and many more. Despite our global reach, our head office on Melrose Avenue remains dedicated to handcrafting each piece with care and precision.

In 2014, CEO and Designer Jannik Olander committed to giving back to the communities that provide our stones and precious metals. He began by supporting the Sarnelli House orphanage in Thailand, donating essentials and funds. Jannik is now designing a special collection to benefit the orphanage, with a portion of the proceeds directly supporting their cause. Nialaya is also committed to helping the environment by offering carbon-neutral shipping on all orders and by donating a portion of proceeds to help reforestation efforts by planting trees and by removing plastic waste from our oceans.

Nialaya Jewelry continues to thrive on the principles of spirituality, craftsmanship, and philanthropy, striving to bring beauty and meaning to every piece we create.

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