In the Summer of 2014, CEO and Creative Designer Jannik Olander traveled to the northern jungles of Thailand to visit a small orphanage providing housing and medical aid to children infected with HIV/AIDS. He spent days with the orphans, understanding the personal story of each child - many abandoned, left on the side of the roads or disowned from their families because of their incurable illness. After donating food, toys, and medicine, Jannik pledged to continue supporting the incredible work of the Sarnelli House by creating a collection that would benefit the children. For years Nialaya Jewelry has provided positive energy and strength to each wearer, and now it is providing a better world for all to live in. We believe that all children have a right to a happy and healthy life. The Sarnelli House Collection takes a step towards fulfilling this dream. Every year, every bracelet and every child's smile makes a difference. 


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