CEO and Creative Designer Jannik Olander was born in the small country of Denmark. Though raised on the Danish countryside, he was fascinated with style, energy, and the arts from a young age. Through endeavors in the fashion industry he was able to refine a distinct style of beauty, quality, and spirituality. But it was not until he traveled to the Far East that Jannik truly gained the vision which inspired him to create the first piece of Nialaya Jewelry. Jannik visited a local bazaar on his first trip to India. While walking through the crowded market he was stopped by a local Shaman who asked to read his palm. The Shaman sat peacefully on a blanket made of yellow silk. The once smooth fabric was weathered and red dust covered parts of a once beautiful golden French lily. The Shaman’s honest eyes were a calm and piercing emerald green. Having felt a sincere and calm energy from the man, he decided to give him a few minutes of his time. He took a seat next to him. “First, tell me your name”, said the Shaman. They sat in silence as the Shaman looked deeply into Jannik’s eyes. He then began to examine his palm. 

The Shaman started by telling Jannik about his past life, his present and his future. Jannik was in awe of how much wisdom the Shaman possessed and the range of accuracy in his words. He continued reading Jannik’s energy and began giving him spiritual guidance. Jannik carefully listened to the Shaman’s words and what meaning they carried in his life. Jannik desired to know more from this mysterious man. He spent four hours with him, speaking of life and discovering his true purpose. “For a long time, you have been focused on the end gain - the result. It has given you many experiences and great knowledge, but has caused you to lose sight of who you truly are. Now, it is time for you to change your path in life. You must focus on your creativity and expressing the artistic being that you are”, said the Shaman. Jannik reflected upon the man’s words. The Shaman then took out a small leather pouch and handed it to him. Inside he found a black diamond. “This is your birthstone. It has great powers - you must use it wisely”.

Jannik thanked the Shaman for his time and asked for his name. The Shaman greeted his question with a smile, “my name is Nialaya”. Meeting the Indian Shaman became a significant moment in Jannik’s life. He returned to Los Angeles inspired and humbled. After his trip in India, Jannik began designing and creating beaded macrame necklaces and bracelets in the garage of his Hollywood Hills home. He named the new company after the Shaman Nialaya who inspired him to make a change in his life. Each piece of jewelry is strung together by hand and every precious and semi-precious stone is used to stimulate spiritual healing powers; All finished items are then purified with a cleansing sage.

Jannik is constantly designing and creating new pieces for the company. Nialaya releases a new collection twice a year which includes: jewelry made of 14 karat gold, hand braided leather bracelets, precious and semi-precious flatbead bracelets, exotic stingray bracelets, the Skyfall Collection for women, rings for men and women, and the brand’s iconic beaded bracelets in a variety of stone and color combinations. 

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