Nialaya was founded by Danish designer Jannik Olander. The company is based in Los Angeles but the precious and semi-precious stones, beads, leather, and materials in the collection are handpicked by the designer on his travels around the world.  

With a career history with Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, Jannik has always had a passion for style and luxury, but his many trips to the Far East are what developed and diversified his eclectic taste. Bali, Thailand, and India have become the designer’s favorite destinations for collecting inspiration, gaining insight, and rejuvenating before a new piece of jewelry comes to life. Jannik carefully searches for each precious stone, bead, and pendant that inspire him to create the next piece.  

The energy, charisma, and texture of each stone initiate the birth of a new collection. Every stone has healing powers and can amplify and increase the bearer’s own energy. Jannik has put his heart into creating pieces which promote spiritual enlightenment by being present and centered in the moment when creating a new piece of jewelry. He has worked closely with different stones and has discovered how the jewels help him gain clarity, inner peace, and joy. Upon completion, each piece is cleansed carefully with purifying sage to remove all interfering energies from the stones.

The cleansing process enhances the natural power of the stones and helps each piece of jewelry communicate better with its future owner. Nialaya carries a spiritual message to those in search of their own truth within. Each piece of jewelry is carefully strung together by hands, ensuring that the energy of the stones supports the bearer in his or her dreams.
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