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Inspired by the beautiful nature, lifestyle and colors of Capri, our newest collection for her features delicate and feminine beaded bracelets in stunning hues that you’ll want to wear all summer long! As always, designed and meticulously crafted by hand in our Los Angeles studio.
Select from bright red and white Coral, pastel colors such as Amethyst lavender and Aquamarine, or rich Moss Agate and Labradorite. Designed with the idea to layer, as it’s impossible to only choose one! Wear two or even three, and complement them with other thin gold bracelets.


Red Coral
Red Coral carries the healing powers of metabolism, balance, and harmony. In general, Coral is the stone for good health and balancing emotions. Shop our Red Coral bracelet from the Capri Collection here.

Lavender is the stone of health, beauty and clarity. It is a calming stone that boosts hormone production and helps with insomnia and headaches as well as stomach, skin and teeth issues. Click here and here to shop bracelets from our Capri Collection with Amethyst.

Labradorite has the healing powers of serenity, clarity and imagination. This stone will give you patience and calmness and promote imagination and intellectuality. Click here to shop a bracelet from our Capri Collection with Labradorite.

August 14, 2017 by susanne jonsson