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Nialaya Founder and Designer, Jannik Olander takes inspiration
from his travels around the world when creating
new pieces for the brand.
Dedicated to making one-of-a-kind, meaningful jewelry,
Jannik brings back a new idea from each and every trip that he goes on
tothe design studio in LA where he,
step-by-step brings the idea to life.

 Jannik sketching the Men's Cocktail Ring. Now available here


Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles is home to Nialaya Jewelry,
and this is where all the pieces are designed,
sketched, and made by hand by our highly skilled craftsmen.
Different precious and semi-precious beads, ceramic, heishi,
and other coral beads are collected from across the world
and brought back to the US.
Each and every bracelet are created one piece at a time.

  Discover Men's Bracelets here

Our spiritual bead bracelet being strung by hand using traditional macrame technique.


Each and every one of our pieces are created with spirituality in mind
and we've stayed true to traditional techniques,
such as the macrame technique for our classic beaded bracelet -
an ancient technique used by the ancient Chinese and Arabs.
Each and every precious and semi-precious bead carry their individual healing powers,
and our necklaces feature intricate spiritual detailing and meaningful pendants.
Jannik is know for creating bold, one-of-kind pieces with a spiritual touch! 

Discover Men's Necklaces here

February 23, 2018 by susanne jonsson