Pearl is one out of the 3 birthstones for June, along with Moonstone and Alexandrite.
Pearl is the stone of integrity, innocence, grace, love, happiness, and success.
Wearing your birthstone is believed to bring you good fortune and to intensify
you as a person.

Pearls are truly unique in that way that they are found inside the shells
of some oysters and clams, unlike most other gemstones that are found
within the Earth. Pearls come in an array of different colors, however white
pearl is the most common and best-known. The stunning and unique translucence
of the pearl makes it one of the most highly valued gemstones.

Due to the unique way a pearl is born, and the nurture and nourishment it takes
to create a pearl, the pearl is considered to be a gem of exactly that - nurture and

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Pearls are believed to have several physical health benefits, such as for lung
diseases, heart problems, kidney problems, urinary system and liver problems.
They've even been used to treat fever, bleeding, and some skin issues such as
rosacea and acne. Pearls are not only beneficial for your physical health,
but also for your mental health. It's believed to balance hormone levels,
strengthen your wisdom, help you find your true-self, calm and sooth your
emotions. Pearls are believed to help you love yourself and to love others,
and to relieve anxiousness and nervousness.

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