If you can't figure out when, where, and how to wear finger jewels, not to worry -
men's rings are certainly not for everyone. Wearing rings as a guy, that's not a
wedding band, is truly a fashion statement.
A small yet distinctive detail that's there for the ones who will notice.

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When it comes to fashion rings, there are no rules as to which fingers to wear them
on, how to stack them, or when to wear them. For American men, a wedding band is traditionally
worn on the ring finger of the left hand. However in other cultures, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.
So don't worry to much about left or right hand wear.

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Try wearing a pinky ring for an eye-popping statement. This is a look
that definitely stands out and will catch a lot of attention. The great thing about
wearing a pinky ring is that it is quite comfortable as it does not interfere that much
with your other fingers. Wear it solo or stacked with other rings in the same metal!

Going back hundreds of years, the index finger was the most common finger for a
man's ring. The ring would typically be a signet ring or family crest - a sign of class
and rank. At this time in some parts of Europe, people below a certain rank were forbidden to wear rings.

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