Women’s Evil Eye Jewelry


Good and evil powers cut across history, culture, and religions. The fear of such evil has led many cultures to seek out various forms of protection - one of which has been the evil eye. For ages, women have turned to Evil Eye necklaces, rings, and jewelry to ward off negative energy and any evil powers directed toward their lives.

What does evil eye jewelry mean?
Despite being popular in the world of jewelry, the evil eye has been considered important in cultures worldwide. It's a remnant from the dawn of civilization and dates back to some of humanity's most profound and enduring beliefs. Throughout human history superstition has always been prevalent. The evil eye is a known amulet used protect from the evil forces.

Women's Evil Eye Jewelry

The Evil Eye

The evil eye is a symbol first recorded by the Mesopotamians over 5000 years ago. It's also believed that it may have originated even earlier during the upper Paleolithic age. The symbol cuts across the major religions: Hindu, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. That would make you think the world is just a small village, and no matter the distance, all people seem to have similar thinking.

What's the meaning of the evil eye?

The evil eye is a curse that many believe is cast by someone jealous just by looking at you. It could also be some other negative energy directed toward someone who is not aware. Different cultures believe that such evil energy directed at a person will cause misfortunes, injury, or bad luck.

Benefits of the evil eye jewelry

Offers protection: It’s believed that when you wear evil eye jewelry, you're protected from evil spirits and other harmful forces like the malevolent stare, which is known to inflict pain and suffering to the unsuspecting.

Brings about good luck: As you're dazzling in women's evil eye jewelry, you're bestowed good luck, health, and happiness.

Has great vibes: The blue in the evil eye radiates positive energy and great karma. The light blue color within the evil eye represents the sky, which symbolizes the truth and it's considered a force of protection against the evil eye.

The evil eye color meaning

There are multiple interpretations of evil eye jewelry color. Generally, blue represents good karma and positive energies like creativity and motivation. Light blue symbolizes truth, broadens your horizons, and provides protection against the evil eye.

Evil eye jewelry has existed for ages and every generation finds something special in it. The jewelry may come in different forms, but the colors and the eye remain the same.

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