• Men's Black Shield Ring - Nialaya Jewelry
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  • Men's Black Shield Ring
  • Men's Black Shield Ring - Nialaya Jewelry
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  • Men's Black Shield Ring - Nialaya Jewelry
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Men's Black Shield Ring

$250 USD

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  • 925 Sterling Silver Black Ruthenium Plated
  • Product Code: MRING_021

This ring is ruthenium plated. Inspired by the great watchmakers of our time, we have reserved this unique finish for our exclusive design range. In contrast to gold and chrome, ruthenium is extremely hard and robust. It is very rare and is generally more expensive than both gold and platinum. Ruthenium has an unmistakably unique look. It is elegant as gold, as intriguing as platinum, and unique with its smoky grey shine. We are proud to add ruthenium to the look of our beautiful designs.



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