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With precious and semi-precious stones, unique ceramic and carbon fiber beads, and stunning vintage glass beads, sourced from local factories around the world, our beaded bracelets are designed and skillfully crafted by hand in our Hollywood workshop. From masculine all-black pieces such as matte onyx, lava stone, and hematite to outstanding, vibrant colors such as blue lapis, turquoise, and red coral, there’s something for every taste. Besides our wide selection of men’s beaded bracelets, we also offer customization of the classic Nialaya bracelet – select your favorite beads and finish it off with the string color and lock of your choice. 
Beaded braceletBeaded bracelet

Our beaded bracelets for men are offered in several different bead sizes. The smaller size beads are perfect for layering and will look great paired with one of our leather or stingray bracelets. Our largest size bead is the 10mm and works great as a standalone statement or layered with your favorite timepiece.

For those who believe in the healing powers of the precious and semi-precious stones, each stone carries power and energy. Whether you are looking to add balance, harmony, positivity, or strength to your life, our beaded bracelets can assist you in achieving emotional, holistic, spiritual and physical healing. The blue lapis for example, will give you wisdom, confidence, and prosperity, the lava stone will give you strength, passion, and creation, and the rose quartz will give you love, harmony, and positivity. To find out more about the beads use in our Men's bracelets and necklaces, click here.
July 04, 2017 by susanne jonsson