Discover our Leather Collection for him, featuring luxurious, soft leather finished with brilliant, unique closures. Exquisitely crafted by hand in our Los Angeles studio with meticulous attention to detail and design.
Our leather bracelets will add a masculine touch to your look, whether you go for the elegant look with, for example our Black Leather Bracelet with Chakra Beads or a more rugged finish with one of our Wrap-Around Leather Bracelet.  A leather bracelet will look great layered with a couple beaded bracelets for variation, but also looks amazing on its own.

Nialaya CEO, Jannik Olander wearing the Black Leather Bracelet with Silver Anchor, layered with the Dorje Flatbead Bracelet, and Snake Bead Bracelet.
Our signature Anchor Leather Bracelet features impeccably soft, hand-braided leather finished with a sturdy anchor. The anchor is much more than just a cool feature; it actually has symbolic meaning. The anchor is a symbol of security, strength, stability and good luck. It also allows the wearer to keep a clear mind and hold onto the values that she or he believes in.

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