Nialaya Founder and Designer Jannik Olander gathers most of his inspiration for
his jewelry designs on his travels around the world.
His last escape was an unforgettable trip to Brazil. From the fun, sexy
Rio to the cool Sao Paolo with an array of stunning, raw nature and amazing beaches in between...

Jannik watches the sunset in Joatinga, Brazil, wearing a Blue Tiger Eye Bead
Bracelet with Leaf Beads (coming soon) with our Elastic Flatbead Bracelet with African Green Jade, available here

"It was one of the best trips in many years. Brazil is so diverse, crazy, amazing, fun and different at the same time."
Jannik said about his 3 week getaway.

Jannik in Rio De Janeiro, wearing a Faceted Iron Pyrite Beaded Bracelet, available here, paired with a shiny Hematite Beaded Bracelet with Black CZ Diamond, available here.

"Rio is so diverse. Filled with cool shops, bars and restaurants in Leblon and I love the vibe in Ipanema. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and beaches. This city has it all, and the people are so funny, sweet and hard-working. 
There is a reason why Brazilians are the most loved people in the world."
Jannik said about his visit to the vibrant, seaside city.

Jannik in Sao Paolo, pictured on left, and in Rio pictured on right, wearing a Blue Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet with Leaf Beads (coming soon, and our Elastic Flatbead Bracelet with Blue Lapis and Black/Gold CZ Diamonds, available here

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