Adding a bracelet to any look will without a doubt add a dash of personality to
your outfit. Spice up a white tee look by stacking different shapes and textures
such as our Flatbed Bracelets with Classic Round Beaded Bracelets or
a Leather Bracelet.

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Try sticking to one metal when layering. A black and silver look can become
more interesting by adding a pop of color like Blue Lapis or
Brown Tiger Eye. Check out our Beaded Bracelets here

Tone down a gold look by adding a lot of matte finishes or rugged
leather pieces. Our Dorje Flatbead Bracelet comes in a masculine
vintage gold plating that instantly gives you a distinctive touch without
being too blingy.

Shop our Dorje Flatbead Collection here

All our classic beaded bracelets carry unique healing powers. Select a stone that
has the spiritual properties that adds the right benefits for you.
Explore the healing powers of our stones here

Play around with our colorful vintage glass stones, or precious and semi-precious
stones for a fun look. Shop some of our color pops below.

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