Nialaya CEO and Founder Jannik Olander collects inspiration for his designs
on his travels around the world. He brings his ideas with him back to
Los Angeles where he designs and makes the pieces by hand in our
production studio that's located right behind the store on Melrose.

Jannik started making beaded bracelets by hand in his garage in the Hollywood
Hills in 2009. He got inspired to start the brand after a trip to India where he
met a Shaman who taught him about spiritual stones and their unique
healing powers. After arriving back in LA, he purchased beads and string
and learned how to make Nialaya's classic macrame style bracelet.
Two years later, in 2011 we opened our flagship store on Melrose.

A travel look that Jannik wore when traveling to Marbella to speak
about his success with Nialaya at an entrepreneurial fair in front of
300 aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Jannik's first Los Angeles home was located on Appian Way in the
Hollywood Hills. Once in a while he goes back to remind himself how far
he has come and to enjoy the stunning views.

On casual office days, Jannik likes to wear beads mixed with leather.
He mixes a lot of different textures to create a unique and distinctive look.

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