Juhani wears NIALAYA leather bracelets combined with NIALAYA beaded bracelets in New York City

Nialaya Founder and Designer, Jannik Olander sources inspiration for his new designs while traveling around the world. He spends most of his summers in southern Europe in places such as Mykonos, Greece and Ibiza, Spain – both strong inspiration sources for Jannik, which can certainly be noticed in a lot of Nialaya’s leather bracelet designs. Combining the bohemian touch that he gets from summers on the European islands, with the spirituality from Southeast Asia where Jannik first was inspired to start making jewelry, Nialaya’s leather bracelets are unique pieces of jewelry while also being exceptionally versatile.

 Our Black Leather Bracelet with Gold Bali Clasp Lock, available here and our
Black Leather Bracelet with Gold Anchor, available here

Nialaya’s leather bracelets are handcrafted in our design studio on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. Using high-quality hand braided leathers that will only look better with age, and strong stainless steel details and closures, our leather bracelets are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Our Black Leather Bracelet with Bali Clasp is a great example of an inspiration that came from one of Jannik’s trips to Bali, Indonesia. The stunning landscapes and laidback lifestyle inspired him to design a piece that would remind him of the time he spent on the astonishing island. The result became a one-of-a-kind leather piece, featuring a unique clasp in silver or gold with distinctive engraving. The bracelet is bohemian yet elegant and has been part of our collection for many years.

Jannik layers our Black Leather Bracelet with Gold Anchor with beaded bracelets.
Create your own layered look and discover all our bracelets here

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Our leather bracelet collection consists of pieces that are perfect for everyday wear, while also looking great paired with a dressier look.
For everyday wear, we love to layer the leather bracelets with a couple of
our colorful beaded bracelets to create a unique and casual look.
For nighttime looks, we prefer the leather bracelet either on its own or
paired with one of our matte black onyx beaded bracelets.

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