Nialaya Jewelry x Johnny Edlind - A unisex collection of handmade bracelets, rings & necklaces


After a year of design and collaboration, the wait came to an end when we launched #NIALAYAxJOHNNYEDLIND on September 24th.



Swedish native Johnny Edlind has, with his captivating visual representation of his adventurous life, amassed over 1 million Instagram followers.


His travel-filled life is also what in 2015 led him to his first visit to our flagship store while visiting Los Angeles. This would only be the first of many visits, and Johnny has since become a close part of the Nialaya Family.


I've personally worn Nialaya for almost five years and feel connected to the brand in a spiritual way. Every piece symbolizes something special for me and gives me strength in different ways.




I seek my inspiration from the sea, the soil I walk on, and the nature around me. This collection symbols just that to find what truly means something for you and put that energy into a piece of jewelry. To dig deep within yourself and find answers.



Johnny is passionate, upbeat, and has a refined eye for details. 


We are proud to invite you into the vivid world of Johnny Edlind.

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We would also like to invite you to join us behind the scenes in the design process of turning Johny Edlind's vision into reality.

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