Sartorial Style Bracelets



Sartorial style bracelets

Whether elegant and tailored are terms and looks that you live by, or if you just dress up for special occasions, owning a few sartorial accessories is essential. The great thing about a lot of Nialaya’s designs is that they can be transitioned from day to night, and also from every-day wear those special days where you have to suit up. One or two Men’s bracelets will add the perfect amount of personality to a suited look.

Mens bracelets sartorial style


The secret behind the elegant, sartorial look is pairing smooth finished, sleek designs such as our signature Anchor Bracelet next to a Nialaya Beaded Bracelet with Matte Onyx or a classic timepiece. Also try a pop of color such as white or masculine steel grey combined with gold for a rich look that will complement any suited combination.

beaded bracelets


Some men find it difficult to pull off gold or find it to be too flashy. However, for a top-notch tailored, sartorial look, gold is key! The best way to wear gold in a subtle way is to dress in colors that will complement the gold in a way that the gold is toned down. Colors such as white, navy blue, or even a nice print will add the perfect balance to gold accessories. Try wearing a leather piece with a gold lock rather than a full gold beaded bracelet if you feel like the luminous gold takes over the whole look. It’s all about getting used to it!


If you still find it too difficult to pull off gold, silver can of course also be elegant, as long as polished. Try to stay away from our vintage plated silver pieces when going for the dressy, sartorial look. A sleek black leather bracelet with silver lock, coupled with a Nialaya Beaded Bracelet with Agate, Matte Onyx, or Blue Lapis will definitely give your look that touch of classic elegance.

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