Nialaya Founder and Designer, Jannik Olander takes inspiration from his travels around the world when creating and designing new collections for Nialaya Jewelry. Since Olander’s first visit to Tulum in 2008, it’s always been one of his favorite destinations and a place that he visits frequently. With only a short flight away, this is the perfect tropical weekend get-away during the Los Angeles winter months.

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Olander was inspired by the bohemian lifestyle and tropical colors of this beautiful coastal town in Quintana Roo, Mexico. The untouched jungle, the flour-soft white sand beaches, and the charming tree house lunch spots are some of Olander's favorite things about Tulum. Places like the Nomade Hotel, Be Spa, and Hartwood are spots that he never fails to visit during his travels, and these places were the main inspiration when making this tropical feel collection. While cycling through the Tulum jungle one night with only the moonlight to light up the dark road, he got the idea to create designs to go with this stunning town. He brought his ideas with him back to Los Angeles and crafted a unique ceramic bead that represented his image of Tulum. Upon crafting, the beads were dyed in a variety of Tulum shades and strung by hand with sterling silver in the Nialaya workshop in Los Angeles.

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The Tulum bracelets are great stacking pieces due to the small size of the beads. Complete your wrist game by layering your Tulum bracelet with either beaded bracelets our leather bracelets or even stack a couple of Tulum bracelets for the extra bohemian touch. They are also great ways of adding a subtle pop of color to everyday looks, as well as the must-have piece for all your vacations!
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